Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter's last gasp?

Hi everybody! Just sitting around waiting for my phone to beep - Kelly's going to need a ride home from work any minute now. But in only 4 days, she should become a licensed driver who can bring herself home from work late at night, so I won't have to be the shuttle driver any more! Her driver's test is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, and she's panicking because Herb says we'll have some more snow that day. Not panicking about driving in it - just worried that they'll cancel it on her and she won't really get her license on Tuesday. What a tragedy that would be!

Big day for Brett today - got his braces on. I think he looks kind of cute.

If anybody feels like checking this out, Kelly got to go with Herb on his ski report last week, since it was during school vacation. She's in the brown and white jacket with the white helmet. Go to and click on any of the 2/19 videos.

Time to drive the bus. Send news, everyone!