Sunday, November 30, 2008

oops, picture of Laura and Emma

I missed putting in the picture of Laura and Emma, she drove over from school the day she was born!! What a great aunt!!! Love you all.. Mary

Emma Kayann Koeman

The top picture was taken at our house the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is in the back row, Grandma Vaughan, Katie Stanley (Butch's niece), 2nd row, Karan Simon (Butch's sister), Katrina (our granddaughter), Nyla (katie's daughter) holding Emma, Taya (our granddaughter), Sara and Callen (Katie's son). The others were taken November 20th the day she was born.

One more Thanksgiving photo

Hi all,

Larry is showing me how to post a photo, so here's a cute one from Thanksgiving.   Love, Mom

first big snow of winter

Okay, I hope this works. We are in our firsts winter storm warning. I went today to Fort Wayne to get Meghan and Laura. Laura went right back to school and Meghan and I came home. We are suppose to get 7 inches of snow. Meghan can help me put up all the Christmas decorations since I don't work on Monday's either. Today that sounds like a lot, by January, they won't even consider cancelling school. Have any of you heard of Craigslist? We found an adjustable full size bed for Butch. The man who used it before had a ventilator also, so it should work for Butch. I got to hold Emma on Thanksgiving for a long time, if I figure out how to post a picture, I will send it. When I talked to Mom and Dad yesterday, Dad sounded a lot stronger in voice. That was great!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunday's Steelers game

Just wanted to let you know to watch for us at the game on Sunday. Herb bartered with the guy who has the seats next to his so all four of us can go to the Steelers-Patriots game.

Kelly promises to take pics.

I'm also testing my ability to add a new post - not sure I know what I'm doing yet.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Thought you all might enjoy some pics from the weekend!

Welcome Rowaders!!

A blog of this type has been wondeful for clan Mutschler in keeping in touch with each other and sharing the many events in our family.We hope that you all agree!
To start things off... We had a wonderful visit with the Tallo,Vaughan, andT. Rowader Jr.Families this past weekend! We missed you (LOTS andLOTS) Camps and Stevens'!! As we get older, we realize what a blessing it is to have such a great relationship as 'family"! As one coming from the outside and infiltrating the ranks, I (larry) have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing the Rowader Family!! They say that blood is thicker than water, but you have proven to me time and again that love is "thicker" than eigther one! I do not consider myself a brother-in-law, but a brother, and I thank you for that!
Blog away everyone!