Saturday, July 23, 2011

More California pics

Somehow the automatic posting of photos from my phone didn't work while we were on vacation in California, so I'm trying again.

The kids and I had a great time seeing Laura, Bob, Hanna, Noah and Sue this month in San Juan Capistrano. Lots of beach trips and California sunshine.

Here are a couple of photos from our day at the mission that I had planned to send from my cell phone (Brett is chasing a lizard, of course).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby Daniel's Baptism!

Larry and I were thrilled to spend time with Luke, Ashley, Lily, and Daniel for the weekend of Daniel's baptism! Most of Ashley's family came as well as many of their friends from the University of Dallas (UD). Their good friend from UD, Brother Thomas (he's an ordained deacon who will be ordained to the priesthood in August) baptized Daniel. Luke's friend Michael Humphries is Lily's godfather and Ashley's sister Abbey is his godmother. Lily is a bundle of energy and such a fun little girl. She was a little banged up with bruises, scrapes, and a fat lip, which all go with being an energetic two-year old! Daniel is a mellow, sweet little guy who smiles easily and only cries when he's hungry, tired, etc. Can't wait for the next visit!

California Fun!

Hi, everybody,

Laura, Bob, Hannah, and Noah were such great hosts for the invasion of sisters, etc. for the Fourth of July week! Chris, Kelly, Brett, and I had a wonderful time seeing the sights of San Juan Capistrano and Southern California. The pictures will tell the story. Love to you all! Sue

Friday, July 1, 2011

Heading for California soon

Hi family! While checking out a friend's blog on her trip to Korea, and poking around in the Rowader blog, I discovered that I should be able to send updates to the blog right from my cell phone, so I think I'll try a few posts this week when the kids and I head for the friendly skies on Sunday. We're looking forward to seeing Laura's family and meeting Sue out in San Juan Capistrano. More later...