Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Fight on State!

A quick post from Carlisle on New Year's Eve... after a huge shopping excursion to Kohl's and a sale on PSU gear we decided to copy the Mutschler's in prep for the Rose Bowl tomorrow! Fight on State! :D

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Merry Christmas everyone!!! May the Big Man bring many blessings, and may Santa bring the bounty!

See some of you soon :)


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Think snow

We're getting ready for a big snowstorm on Friday and another one on Sunday. A White Christmas in Rhode Island!
This is Brett's perfect snowball (he says), which he was hoping to unload on Kelly while we searched for the perfect Christmas tree last weekend. But he didn't. We were there.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Pats (yay!) vs. Steelers (hmph.) -- 11/30/08

Looking back through some of the older posts I remembered that we promised to post photos after the football game a couple weeks ago - oops ... better late than never! I must admit that once it got towards the end of the game I was imagining the inevitable Rowader/Mutschler celebration, haha. So anyhooo, here are a few of the ones I took.

Dad getting a bit of shut-eye on the train..

Me and Brett being goofy on the train that goes right into the parking lot of the stadium. Definitely quite convenient. :D


< Surprising? ;P

So although it was a disappointing ending for the Pats, it was still nice to get to go to a game as a whole family, since that's never happened before. Roughly a week til break.. whew! Can't wait to see you all soon! - Kelly (:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday fun mixed with finals week

Hi family! Latest Stevens scoop:

Had fun Friday night with the Girl Scout troop. The annual holiday sleepover was at our house this year. The girls ate pasta, played Apples to Apples, and watched Prince Caspian. I was reminded how much I disliked the way the writers mangled the original story. But most of the girls were just focused on how gorgeous Prince Caspian was. Anyway, they had fun exchanging Secret Sister gifts on a neon theme (don't ask me why neon). Herb thought it was funny coming down for breakfast the next morning to see the bodies strewn all over the floor.

Brett's on a couple of basketball teams this year (nothing terribly serious), so he's getting some exercise. His team ended up winning this weekend's tournament, so he sent a hilarious pic/sound text to my phone and Kelly's, where he's singing "We Are the Champions." He doesn't see a lot of playing time, but he's improving.

I hosted a neighborhood cookie swap today, which was small but fun. Only six other ladies participated this year, but everyone's cookies were tasty, and we had a good time talking for a couple of hours. We're still so amazed at the friendliness of this neighborhood compared with our old one only a few miles away. I put some of the cookies away in the freezer - might even bring them to Pittsburgh if they survive that long.

Final exams start tomorrow. I'll be a correcting maniac for one more week, then it's break time. Now it's time to get back to the pile of final marketing plans stacked up on the dining room table. 5 down, 22 more to go!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You've Gotta Love Math Class

Note: The beginning portion if this entry I wrote in math class. When you see , that means I'm actually making stuff up as I type it. :]

I'm sitting in math class as I write this blog- yes, on real paper! c: We just took a test, and after I finished (because I always finishe early) my mind began wandering to the Rowader Blog (please don't question my train of thought...). I thought 'maybe I should write something for it soon'. And so, knowing me, I decided that if I didn't write something now, while I was thinking about it, I would completely forget about it later and the write a meager update of scrambled thoughts and leave you confused (if I'm not doing so already).
As I sat here, I didn't really think of anything of consequence for me to write about, since a middle schooler's life to themselves is-- well, boring. Really really boring. But I suppose I could make it seem interesting if I act like it is. :>
We did an interesting (see, it's working already!) lab in science today about genetic mutations, and how they affect people, bla bla. My group ended up with the 'no fingers' mutation. Oh, how fun. Others had 'no peripheral vision', which was unfair, or 'arms fused together'. There was even a 'no arms' group. I felt a bit sorry for them. Each group (ours had the letter 'B') had to get 9 peanuts off the ground and into a cup. Then in the next round, we had to open the peanuts and eath 3 peanuts each. :< I don't like peanuts much, and it didn't help that all of the pieces were smashed to timy bits from when we tried to open the shells (we crushed them with our taped fists). But somehow, we finished first. Yes, even before the 'no peripheral vision' people. They just didn't seem too delighted by the nasty-tasting peanuts. We had such an easier time of the activity than the 'no arms' group, who smashed their peanuts with their foreheads.

Today was Katie's, or as I call her, Nee-chan's birthday. Wow, 20. I feel like such a small child! All of my family is growing so big! I can remember when we were all little and 'played'. :] Yeah, it's not called playing. We're too big for that now. She called and I sang Happy Birthday to her, which I think she enjoyed. She comes back from England on Sunday, and I know I'm really excited to see her, as I'm sure my parents are too.
Lots of Love,

Friday, December 5, 2008

jon alan rowader

I was looking for this blog and found a my space for an artist named Jon Alan Rowader, he sort of looks like us. Laura and Sara should be back to Sara's house soon. I am waiting for them to take Katrina and Taya home for the weekend. Laura is watching Emma for the night. We did not get the big predicted snow fall earlier this week, but we are getting a lot of snow now. It looks real pretty and holiday like. I hope you all decide to add to this blog. I would love to see pictures of everyone's holiday decorations and families... love Mary