Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You've Gotta Love Math Class

Note: The beginning portion if this entry I wrote in math class. When you see , that means I'm actually making stuff up as I type it. :]

I'm sitting in math class as I write this blog- yes, on real paper! c: We just took a test, and after I finished (because I always finishe early) my mind began wandering to the Rowader Blog (please don't question my train of thought...). I thought 'maybe I should write something for it soon'. And so, knowing me, I decided that if I didn't write something now, while I was thinking about it, I would completely forget about it later and the write a meager update of scrambled thoughts and leave you confused (if I'm not doing so already).
As I sat here, I didn't really think of anything of consequence for me to write about, since a middle schooler's life to themselves is-- well, boring. Really really boring. But I suppose I could make it seem interesting if I act like it is. :>
We did an interesting (see, it's working already!) lab in science today about genetic mutations, and how they affect people, bla bla. My group ended up with the 'no fingers' mutation. Oh, how fun. Others had 'no peripheral vision', which was unfair, or 'arms fused together'. There was even a 'no arms' group. I felt a bit sorry for them. Each group (ours had the letter 'B') had to get 9 peanuts off the ground and into a cup. Then in the next round, we had to open the peanuts and eath 3 peanuts each. :< I don't like peanuts much, and it didn't help that all of the pieces were smashed to timy bits from when we tried to open the shells (we crushed them with our taped fists). But somehow, we finished first. Yes, even before the 'no peripheral vision' people. They just didn't seem too delighted by the nasty-tasting peanuts. We had such an easier time of the activity than the 'no arms' group, who smashed their peanuts with their foreheads.

Today was Katie's, or as I call her, Nee-chan's birthday. Wow, 20. I feel like such a small child! All of my family is growing so big! I can remember when we were all little and 'played'. :] Yeah, it's not called playing. We're too big for that now. She called and I sang Happy Birthday to her, which I think she enjoyed. She comes back from England on Sunday, and I know I'm really excited to see her, as I'm sure my parents are too.
Lots of Love,


Mary said...

I can not believe that no one has posted a comment on this thrilling rendition of your every day life!!
You should enter a writing contest, you have a fun style.

absofsteel said...

I agree, I definitely enjoyed reading this. And for some advice, middle school can be a blast if you make it fun. I know I miss my middle school years, and I'm sure you will to.

by the way, I would have loved that science lab. when I was younger, I used to close my eyes and try to make it around the house to see if I could make it as a blind person...smacked my head off a few things, but I sure enjoyed it. Actually, I might do that around my apartment right now... oh the joys of spontaneity!

larrysue said...

verizonnetThat was a fun blog to read! Thanks Geneva! That was a very imaginative experiment. Sounded like a lot of fun to participate in.

kelly said...

geneva, i feel your [peanut] pain! my new job at texas roadhouse ("yee haw"s, line dances and all) has pretty much gotten me used to the huge barrels of peanuts as my weekend dinners, though before that i would have pretty much felt the same way you just described. XD but still, 'twas a very entertaining post!