Friday, December 5, 2008

jon alan rowader

I was looking for this blog and found a my space for an artist named Jon Alan Rowader, he sort of looks like us. Laura and Sara should be back to Sara's house soon. I am waiting for them to take Katrina and Taya home for the weekend. Laura is watching Emma for the night. We did not get the big predicted snow fall earlier this week, but we are getting a lot of snow now. It looks real pretty and holiday like. I hope you all decide to add to this blog. I would love to see pictures of everyone's holiday decorations and families... love Mary


Tom and Diane said...

Sounds like Uncle Jim's son Jon - he is a photographer. Maybe you remember when he came to Whitehall a couple times.

Mary said...

I thought the same, but when you look at the picture. It does not look like him... I thought someone younger than me.. maybe in his early 40s