Friday, March 13, 2009


Hi everyone!
I guess I havent really posted anything. So I thought it would be nice to share this picture. Its a pic of me and my fellow nursing students on our clinical orientation day! It was way too early in the morning but we were all still very excited! My clinical group goes to a local assisted living facility. Its a very nice place with lots of interesting people. I already kinda knew my way around because I had volunteered there for a service learning project last year. Right now I'm always busy with my nursing classes with tests quizzes and learning new skills. But I get burnt out a lot faster than I used to. Im super excited to be on spring break at the moment so I can get rested up and caught up on some homework and actually get to hang out with some friends I just dont get to see as often as I would like while im at school. I hope everyone is doing well lots of love - Katie


Tom and Diane said...

It's great fun to hear what you're up to and see the photo of you with your nursing friends. Thanks a bunch!

Hope you're having a great Spring Break!!

Sending lots of love - Grandma and Grandpa

larrysue said...

Hi, Katie,

Thanks for the great post! We're glad you're so happy with your nursing program. It is hard not to get burned out. You'll make it through! God bless, Aunt Sue and Uncle Larry