Sunday, June 14, 2009

School's almost over!

Is everybody else done with school, and only Rhode Island keeps them in this long? The kids have one more week. Kelly is gearing up for finals, and Brett is coasting. Looks like they don't have to make up the swine flu days after all.

Here's a photo of Brett getting his first hit of the baseball season (I didn't take this - in fact, you can see Herb and me in the background). For some reason, he just couldn't make contact this year. Then suddenly, yesterday, he got 2 hits and 2 RBI's. The night before that he was given the game ball for making two spectacular defensive plays, one in left field and one from third base. Luckily, Kelly and I had arrived from her tournament game in time to see his awesome play from 3rd. He's had a great coach this season and a good group of boys, so although they haven't won many games, it's been a positive experience. It's probably his last season of baseball, but we're glad it's ending well!
OK Penguin fans, we're expecting some celebrating! What's happening in the Burgh?


Tom and Diane said...

Really nice photo of Brett's great hit. You look like a pro, Brett. Love from Grandma

larrysue said...

Hi, Chris,

Hooray for Brett! I'll bet he's so proud! The Stanley Cup win has been so much fun. Zach and I went to the parade today. I'll post some pictures sometime in the next couple days! Love, Sue