Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hanna in Syria

Greetings, all -

Hanna has started a blog to post pictures and stuff about her time in Syria. Here is the URL:

There's not much posted yet, but I'm sure she'll have more soon.

Mary asked on my Facebook account - what is she doing there! The logical answer is that Hanna wants to make a career in foreign affairs, and she has been finding that spending time overseas is pretty essential to the resume. She had a start from her university time in Israel in the Middle East, and Damascus, Syria was recommended by a colleague she met while on her internship at the Carter Center in Atlanta, a girl from San Diego who is Syrian and spent most summers there with family.

The answer lurking in the background is that she just wants to travel and see more things, and it seems the more exotic the better!

So she is going to live there for at least 4 months, and study Arabic, and possibly teach English or find another job if that possibility comes up, although for now her visa is strictly student status.

I've talked to her via email or cell phone every day, and she is doing well, although with a huge case of apparent jet lag. She left on September 2nd - how long will that last!?!?


Laura said...

Once again the links I'm posting don't seem to work. Cut & paste this one:

larrysue said...

We wish Hanna in Damascus! Such an exciting life she leads! I'm sure you'll miss her, but this is a great experience for her. Hope Noah is doing well! Love you, Sue

Laura said...

Thanks, Sue. Love to all of you guys. The trip to Dallas looked really fun, Lily is such an adorable baby.

Yes, we miss Hanna, but she has been away from home for quite awhile now. Not usually this far, though, and we had her home for a good part of the summer, so that was fun.