Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family Get-Togethers in Late October

We had dinner with Sue and Larry, Josh and Veronica and the boys this past Sunday. Josh and Veronica had taken the boys to a local pumpkin farm earlier to go on a hayride, check out the pumpkins etc. Caleb had a pumpkin painted on his cheek there - cute.

Tuesday we drove to Carlisle for a short but nice visit with the Carlisle Rowaders. Nurse Kate stopped by after her afternoon's classes for a visit and dinner with us. Then we went with Tom and Val to Geneva's fall choral concert at the high school, followed by a her strings orchestra concert. Both were very nice - it's a pleasure to hear Geneva play the cello.

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Chris said...

Those are really nice pictures. Doesn't Geneva look like Kathy? I'm impressed with Katie's uniform. And the little boys are getting big fast! Thanks for the updates.
Love, Chris