Sunday, November 8, 2009

North Shore Pittsburgh

After strolling the park we had a lunch at Jerome Bettis' restaurant there.
This is a new statue honoring Mr. Rogers. It's on the river near Heinz Field.
Dad and I had a pleasant morning a couple days ago when we drove down to the northshore of Pittsburgh. (It has become a very nice park area along the Allegheny including areas in front of the Steelers stadium and the Pirates ballpark.) Two ships, replicas of Christopher Columbus's "Nina" and "Pinta" are on the Allegheny River for touring. We went on board but didn't get to see them under sail.


Chris said...

That's a cool statue of Mr. Rogers. The ship reminded me of Mystic Seaport. Remember the day everybody toured there before our wedding (21 years ago!!!!)? It's hardly changed since then.

Tom and Diane said...

We remember our day at Mystic Seaport very well, especially when we look at the print we bought there framed in our living room. Mystic is a really nice piece of New England. And we remember your wedding day November 5, 1988 for the beautiful wedding and reception with so many of the family there. Really a happy family time.