Sunday, August 23, 2009

Catalina family vacation

The Camps went to Catalina Island for a day trip back in July. The weather was perfect and I'e posted some pictures to an album here:

I hope you can all see the pictures of a picture-perfect day. We were really lucky with the weather and we had a great time.


Laura said...

Well, here's the link:

I don't know why it didn't post into the original!

Laura said...

Trying again to get a hotlink - I really should preview my posts first since I can't edit afterwards!

Tom and Diane said...

Hi - I got the photos by entering the "gallery" site address in my Apple Safari browser. I'm sure there's another way. GREAT SLIDE SHOW and great to hear from you.

Love, Mom

Mary said...

great pictures! I had to copy and paste, but it was easy. I found myself smiling thinking you were all probably having a great time..
love you... mary