Friday, August 28, 2009

My first post!

Hey Rowaders! I've been a passive observer up to this point, but I finally have some blog-worthy news to post. I just finished my first week and a half of classes, tech training, etc. for my year-long student teaching position in the State College Area School District.

I get to observe my second grade classroom (4 days a week)this Fall while taking my methods courses (one full day and an evening). I will be helping out in the class, but I don't have to do any planning for my mentor teacher. Most of my outside work will be focused on my courses. In the Spring, I will be taking over the class for the most part: writing and executing my own lessons. I'll keep you all posted with stories, pictures and the like. But, for now you can all check out my ongoing blog that we have to keep for class.


Mary said...

Hi Tommy, I must be electronically challenged. I looked at your blog and only saw all of your address information. Have you posted anything on it yet? should I look into it further?

Tom and Diane said...

It's a treat to hear from you, and it sounds like your school year is off to a flying start. I hope you'll have a wonderful year with your second grade. They are lucky to have you for a teacher. Best of luck.

I did reach the blog address you listed, containing the articles you had written so far. (I didn't see the address information Mary mentioned in her comment though.) Oh, well.

Sending our love -

Tommy said...

I'm not sure how you got to address information Mary, cuz I couldn't find it. The only advice I have is to click a "Blog" tab near the top of my page.

Laura said...

Congratulations on a big career step, Tommy! I look forward to keeping tabs here and on Facebook. Love, Aunt Laura