Monday, August 9, 2010

Tallo visit

We had Kathy & Chris and Emily for a short visit - everyone should look at pictures here:

We visited two beaches and took Emily up to her chess tournaments in Irvine - where she did quite well. Here's some photos of the first tournament she entered, from which she emerged victorious!

There are two empty bedrooms in our house at the moment. Who will be next to visit us? You are hereby invited.


Josh and Veronica said...

Thanks for all the great pictures, Laura! We haven't seen your family or the Tallos for awhile and it's great to see you all looking well and happy!

Seeing pictures of the mission brought back memories of my visit out there so many long years ago. It's still as beautiful as ever!

Congrats to Emily for doing so well in her tournament!

Love to you all!

larrysue said...

Sorry, Laura,

That above comment is obviously mine (Sue's)! Josh and Veronica were still logged on and I didn't realize it!

Love you!