Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Greetings everyone! I just moved into college at Quinnipiac University last week; it's about half an hour south of Hartford in Connecticut. I'm currently a media studies major (shout-out to Abby), but that's subject to change if something else strikes my fancy. Just thought I'd upload a few photos.

This is my dorm on move-in day.. it looks a little more cleaned up now, but that's the general idea.

We're in a veeeery scenic spot. Here's the entrance to our library with Sleeping Giant Mountain behind it. I'm sure it'll be stunning when the leaves start changing in a few weeks.

Here's a few of my hallmates and myself inside the castle on top of Sleeping Giant Mountain. It's only a 45-minute hike; I have a feeling I'll be making the trip a lot. My roommate is on the far right. She's only five feet tall!

This is the view from the top of the mountain of New Haven, CT, about 10 minutes south of campus. That strip way out in the water is Long Island.
And here's the video. I'm about the fifth girl to walk by.

Happy fall to you all!


larrysue said...

Hi, Kelly! It's so good to see your campus and to see you looking so happy there! I love your blue colors in your room and the campus (and nearby mountain) does look beautiful! Thanks for sharing it all with us. Hope your college years will be great! Love you!

Tom and Diane said...

Hi Kelly - we are thinking of you as you start college!!
Thanks do much for posting your news and the photos. The campus is really pretty, very scenic, and it was a treat to see you with your new Quinnipiac friends. Keep us up to date as you get the chance.

Lots of love and best wishes from us!

absofsteel said...

worrrrrrrd media studies!! haha best of luck kelly. college is a blast!