Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kelly's prom and Block Island

Here are the latest weekend photos: Kelly and her friend Matt acting silly while the umpteenth photo was taken of their group getting ready to go to the Junior Prom. They fit 14 people into that limo! And you should have seen the crowd of parents standing around taking pictures.

The other one is Brett and some buddies waiting for the ferry to take them for a weekend of biking on Block Island with their Scout troop. Strangely, both Stevens kids are in blue.


Tom and Diane said...

Very Snazzy!! Kelly looks beautiful. It's such a treat to get photos. I hope the dance was great fun and I hope Brett had a great Boy Scout trip, and good weather, on Block Island. Love from Mom

Laura said...

Kelly, very nice, you look great.

Brett is the tall one, right... ;-)

Love, Aunt Laura

larrysue said...

Kelly he's not good enough for you! ;)