Sunday, May 24, 2009

Next Sunday Bob & I are leaving on vacation for a week.  We are going to Sequoia National Park for a couple of days, and then Yosemite for 4 nights.  We have been hiking to get in training for a possible attempt at climbing Half Dome, which is a big challenging rock.

This past Tuesday we took a tram from Palm Springs at the desert floor up to the Mount San Jacinto State Park.  (  Then we climbed 6 miles to San Jacinto Peak.  Our friend Dave took this picture of me at the top.  I really enjoyed the 6 miles up, but the 6 miles down were killer at the end.  I'm doubtful for Half Dome now, but the hiking we have done this year has been really fun and challenging.


Laura said...

I forgot to say, the peak was 10,834 feet. Higher than Half Dome!

I couldn't figure out how to edit my post on this blog!

Luke and Ashley said...

Hi Laura! We're planning on visiting all of our California relatives at the end of June/ beginning of July in 2010... we'd definately love to visit with you guys!

Laura said...

You look great, Mom! I just talked to Lindsay today, she and Steve were coming back from climbing Half Dome this weekend. Were you guys there too? It'd be crazy if you were all in Yosemite but didn't know it. I'll talk to you soon to see if you made it all the way up. :)


Laura said...

Hanna - We won't be in Yosemite until this coming Tuesday, June 2nd. I can't believe Lindsay did Half Dome with her knees! That would have been wild to meet her on the trail. TTYS.

Luke & Ashley - You guys really plan ahead. I was thinking you meant this year! I really hope you will let us know your plans, and you are welcome to stay with us, tentatively I say, because at the moment we have 5 bedrooms and 4 are occupied, so there is a spare. It is likely to stay that way, but you never know! A year is a long time around here.

Tom and Diane said...

That's a great photo of you at 10,834 feet! I hope you'll have some from Yosemite to share. We always remember the great time we had at Yosemite with you when Hanna and Noah were little ones.

Love from Mom