Monday, May 18, 2009

Star Trek

OK, who saw the new Star Trek movie and what did you think?

I took Brett and a friend of his to see it on Saturday, and we really enjoyed it. It was interesting to watch it with someone who didn't know anything about the old Star Trek series.

Let's hear the reviews...


larrysue said...

Didn't see it yet, Chris, but Zach and Ben did. I'll let them know you'd like to swap comments.

Unfortunately, we won't be going to Block Island this summer after all. HyeJin's mom sold the house a few months ago. We're talking about coming for a visit with you guys, though, if you're up for it. We thought we might be able to spend a couple days with you and head over to Springfiel to spend a couple days with the Cox family(Laura and Steve). I think I still have the date's you're off school, but I'll call if I can't find them. Hope the school year ends well for Kelly and Brett. We enjoyed the newpaper article about Kelly's game! Hope Brett had fun with the scouts on Block Island, too!

Laura said...

Bob and I saw Star Trek the first weekend, with Noah who was seeing it for the second time. We loved it! The new Spock was fantastic, all of the actors were well cast and did a superb job. I thought the plot was really interesting and it took me quite awhile to figure out what in the heck was going on. I think it would have been easier for someone who didn't know the Star Trek universe at first, but harder at the end.

Let's hear your review, Chris!

Laura said...

I hated the first trailer so much I talked smack about the movie for the next couple months. Noah tried to tell me otherwise, and it was so good I actually had to apologize for being so totally wrong. I'm going back again tomorrow, cause there are a couple things I have to see again. Like the spacejump and the Enterprise rising out of Titan's dust with Saturn in the background. Hooray for modern special effects!


Zachm said...

Ok, for me, this was the most fun movie I've seen in the past year or more. As I've been telling just about everyone who'll listen, J.J. Abrahms did exactly what George Lucas wanted to do and should have done with the newer Star Wars movies and made Star Trek officially the better of the two. The scale of the shots are mindblowing and the ships look so good/true to what they always were. This movie however doese not really fall in the "Classic" category that some of the older movies possessed, but it did blow the next generation movies out of the water.

Chris said...

Several times during the movie I remember just spontaneously saying things like, "Whoa!" or "Oh man!". The effects were really awesome. The plot was fascinating (as Spock used to say). I agree, Laura - it took me a while, too, to figure out what was going on.
Brett and I will have to go back again this summer. Herb and Kelly aren't much into scifi, unfortunately. Too bad they don't know all the fun they're missing!